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Family Skiing...Just got Easier



If you're going to carry a pack, you may as well carry one that solves a problem.

If you skied without kids and then had a family, you will be all too aware that when they were old enough for you to finally strap on a pair of boots and skis and whisk them off to the Alps, it wasn't quite the fun in the snow you imagined!

Weeping and tantrums can be a common feature of a day on the slopes with ones little darlings - and thats just the parents.

Carrying kids kit around the resort like some kind of mountain mule and dragging the sorry little souls by their poles, hood or whatever else might be available to keep them moving on the flat bits is not much fun.

The good news is, Snowmule solves all that, looks great and does a ton of other jobs too!

*Please note the tow handle is now redesigned and is different to the one shown.

Family Skiing


Happy Days

Meet the Packs

25L Snowmule
15L Snowmule


I never set out with a plan to design a backpack.

It just happened.

I've skied since a young age and it is without doubt one of the most fun and challenging sports I have been lucky enough to do.

I love to get the first and last lift, I never stop for a coffee or a long lunch, unless my wife threatens me with divorce.

Most of my skiing has been spent racing down the mountain in an effort not to buy the first beer.

So why design the Snowmule?

Having my kids has been brilliant. Okay, they can be a bit tricky occasionally, but so can the wife and we are still together.

However, skiing with them for the first time was a whole new world. First of all, the amount of kit they need, and they seem unable - or unwilling, to carry any of it.

I tried the tough approach - 'make them carry their own' they said, the kids cried, my wife

stopped speaking to me and it took us 45

minutes to get to the ski lift.

It doesn't stop there, who knew kids don't

plan ahead for the flat bits or get some

speed up for the ski lift ramp?

I tried to buy something there and

then on holiday. I googled frantically

for a something, anything, to

help me - or them, carry their

stuff around the ski resort, but

all to no avail.

That was the moment I decided to

solve the problem myself.

I registered Snowmule on our first

family ski trip while sitting in a chalet

in Val D'Isere.

The rest is history.

Happy Days.

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